How to Style Your Bump


Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.

— Carrie Fisher.

They say pregnancy is different for every woman. But one thing I have found to be true is that everything really does grow rounder and wider and weirder! This makes how to style your bump a challenge for many pregnant women.

I’m currently in my last trimester of pregnancy and it’s amazing how much my body has changed! From bigger boobs to looking like I stuffed a basketball under my clothes, trying to stay fashionable and comfortable with an ever-growing bump has been a challenge.

By week 10 of my pregnancy I was living in my husband’s sweats. And I was wearing basic maternity pants just to relieve the pressure on my uterus! By the second trimester I was wearing a variety of regular and maternity clothes depending on how they fit (or didn’t fit in many cases). Now I am almost exclusively wearing maternity clothes. It’s because too quickly almost every other item in my wardrobe no longer fit!

As my bump continues to grow, my wardrobe options have become less. My clothing solutions have been continually changing, but here are a few solutions I have found. These 4 styles I have found to be essential and affordable for my maternity wardrobe.

#1 Black Maternity Leggings

The most common clothing item I have worn my whole pregnancy has been a comfy, stretchy pair of black maternity leggings. They go with almost any outfit, feel great, and are wearable at any point during your pregnancy!

Check out my favorite pair of maternity leggings here from Amazon.

terramed-maternity-leggings-amazon style your bump
Terramed Maternity Leggings , Amazon

#2 Large Sweaters or Cardigans

One of my favorite items for staying fashionable even with a big bump are large sweaters and cozy cardigans. I’m obsessed with comfy sweaters and thankfully many of the loose fitting sweaters in my closet have worked for most or all of my pregnancy! This means I didn’t have to buy a ton of new maternity clothes because sweaters I already had in my closet fit before, during, and after pregnancy!

Also, the same goes for cardigans. Cardigans are the perfect layer for any outfit at any stage of pregnancy! Since they are open in the front, not only do they fit at any bump size but they also work before and after pregnancy!

Here is one of my favorite comfy and cozy cardigans from Express!

cozy-brushed-patch-pocket-cardigan-express style your bump
Cozy Brushed Patch Pocket Cardigan , Express

#3 Basic Maternity Tank Top or T-Shirt

Another key item in my wardrobe this pregnancy has been a basic maternity tank top (or T-shirt). This has worked perfect to layer with any cardigan or wrap! I personally chose a black tank top to go with my leggings for a simple and comfy style that can be dressed up with a nice coat/wrap or kept casual with a comfy cardigan.

Check out my favorite maternity tank top (also a nursing tank top so it’s perfect for after baby arrives too!) here.

motherhood-maternity-clip-down-nursing-tank-top-amazon basic maternity t-shirt
Motherhood Maternity Clip Down Nursing Tank Top , Amazon

#4 Fitted Maternity Dress

One of my favorite outfits this pregnancy has been a fitted maternity dress. It’s stretchy, comfortable, and a cute way to dress up when paired with booties and a nice wrap or jacket! Choose a dress that is fitted to show off that bump, ruched at the sides to stretch as you grow, and made of cotton so it’s flexible and breathable.

I love to pair my favorite maternity dress with a cute wrap for an adorable maternity outfit that’s not only comfortable, but looks great! It’s one of my favorite pieces of advice for how to style your bump!

Motherhood Maternity Elbow Sleeve Side Ruched Tee Shirt Dress
Motherhood Maternity Elbow Sleeve Side Ruched Tee Shirt Dress
Jessica Simpson Open Front Plaid Maternity Poncho , Motherhood Maternity
Jessica Simpson Open Front Plaid Maternity Poncho , Motherhood Maternity

Having these four styles in my wardrobe has been a lifesaver for this pregnancy. I’m easily able to mix and match pieces for different looks, dress each piece up or down, and I have been comfortable (at least as comfortable as a woman can be in the third trimester…) without having to sacrifice style. I hope these styles help you when trying to style your bump too!

If you’d like to see more of my favorite maternity outfits and styles, check out the “Bump Fashion” idea list on my Amazon storefront here! Or if you’re looking for a Stylish + Timeless Nursery Design check out my blog!


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  1. Leggings saved me during my pregnancy. I didn’t have to buy any maternity clothing at all cause I had enough clothes that fit over my leggings. Also had one dress that fit over my bump

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