How to Keep Your Little Girl Fashionable

One of the best parts of being a girl mom? The outfits! Check out my recommendations on how to keep your little girl fashionable.

It’s All About Bows…

I’ve already talked to you about how to style your bump, but now that your little one is here I can show you how to keep her fashionable. It’s easy to give her a wardrobe that’s fashionable and as adorable as she is!

Big or little, colorful or patterned; there is a bow for every outfit! From bows on a romper like the cute pink striped romper above, to headbands or socks with bows. You definitely can’t go wrong with spicing up your little girl’s style with a bow.

I recommend shopping for a set of headband bows that comes with multiple color options so you can match one to any outfit! Also, if they are stretchy that’s even better because then they will last even as your baby girl gets bigger.

Check out this cute pack of bows from Amazon!

I have a similar set for my daughter and they look great and are super soft and comfy for her to wear. Here she is wearing the black headband bow like the one’s I linked above!

Bow Headband: Amazon

Obsessed With Rompers…

I am a lover of rompers and fun jumpsuits and there are options galore when it comes to cute, stylish rompers and jumpsuits for baby girls!

Bow Headband: Amazon, Romper: Kohl’s

This yellow, polka dot romper from Kohl’s is one of my favorite outfits for my girl this summer! It’s bright, cheery, and has ruffles and a cute little bow on the front. Definitely perfect for staying cool in the summertime heat and giving off stylish summer sunshine vibes! And like I said, there’s a bow for every outfit!

Playful Patterns…

I love choosing fun patterns for my girl’s outfits! And there are so many to choose from, making it a great way to add some fun to your little girl’s style. For example, this cute jean tank top with a heart pattern and matching jean shorts by Carter’s is a stylish take on the simple jean look!

Tank / Short Set: Kohl’s

Also, this hat and bodysuit set from Cabela’s has a playful tropical themed pattern that’s perfect for a pool or beach day with the family!

All the Colors of the Rainbow…

For most people, not every color looks good to wear. For babies, the more colors to wear, the better! That doesn’t mean you need to dress your baby girl like a packet of skittles exploded on her wardrobe, but you sure can and she’d still be adorable!

For example, take this super bright and fun rainbow colored tutu and flower headband. My little girl is a wiggler and has never wanted to be swaddled so cute newborn pictures swaddled in soft fabric and sleeping was not going to happen for us. Therefore, our solution was to embrace the loud and active with this exciting rainbow tutu from Amazon!

Tutu & Headband: Amazon
Tutu & Headband: Amazon

Clearly she did not want to be the cooperative, sweet, sleeping newborn you see in all the popular newborn photos. At least we now have an adorably hilarious photo to share at her wedding one day!

Between all the bows, rompers, colors, and fun patterns; keeping your baby girl stylish is easy and fun! Thankfully, even with all the outfit changes required with a messy baby, we can still stay stylish all day long no matter the occasion!


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