A Dirty Job

Construction dig.

Over the last few weeks we completed one dirty job (finished demolition!) and moved on to another. We dug out the area for the addition to the septic system, filled it with sand and rock per our engineer’s specifications, and after inspection backfilled over the whole system. It’s “dirty work” in more ways than one, but always a fun time getting to play with the big toys! Evelyn had a great time helping Baba dig the whole for the septic line.

While all this was going on we also installed the large steel beams to support the new house. After cutting a pocket at each end in the foundation, we placed two W8x35 steel beams in line and bolted them together. After getting the beams placed where we needed, we screwed down the nailer plate on top.

Steel beam with nailer plate

Next we centered the concrete pads for the future steel columns underneath the beams. The next step was to dig the holes, add layers of sand and rock, build the concrete forms, and add the rebar and ties per structural drawings. Before we could pour the concrete for the pads we had to have the local jurisdiction inspect everything to sign off on our foundation construction. We passed inspection and were able to start another dirty job: pouring concrete for the pads!

With the steel beams and concrete pads in place we can now get our steel columns ordered. In the meantime, we will clean up the crawl space and place a vapor barrier along the bottom. Stay tuned for the column installation and subfloor construction!


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