Second Floor Wall Framing

With our gained experience from framing the first floor walls, our second floor wall framing moved quickly! We were able to mark out wall locations on the subfloor, build our walls and openings, and tilt everything up much faster than our first floor. It helped to learn from our earlier mistakes and take advantage of the tricks we learned. Check out the process of marking and laying out walls for our second floor!

One of the things we learned when building our second floor wall framing was to pay attention to where our 16″ on center studs in exterior walls lined up in relation to the studs below. The reason for this is that when we start to install our 4’x8′ exterior wall sheathing we need a stud to nail to at the edges and every 16″ across the panel. When you place a panel on the wall that spans from the first floor to the second floor, if the studs in the walls don’t line up then you will need to add studs to make sure you have one at the edge of each panel.

After finishing the exterior walls we moved on to the interior walls for the second floor. Even though we have more interior walls on the second floor than we did on the first floor, it felt like they went up far quicker this time! Here’s what it looked like as we framed up the interior walls on our second floor:

Pretty soon we had all of our walls complete and were ready to move on to the roof! It was amazing to be able to walk through the house and get a feel for how big the rooms will be and what the space will eventually feel like when it’s all done.

Want to see what the house looks like with all the walls up? Check out this video of a walk-through tour of our new house!

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