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Hey there! I’m so glad to meet you and share a bit about my life and all the things I love! It’s hard to label myself as just one thing since I think people are so diverse and fit into many groups and categories, but I will tell you a few of the most important things in life that define who I am and what I love.


Growing up as an only girl with four brothers (three being older than me!), I learned how to be just as much a tomboy as I am a girly-girl. Although I love all things fashion and makeup and pink, I’m not afraid to play hard and get down and dirty. I grew up playing all sorts of competitive sports and going on adventures with my brothers, but it was really in high school and college where my creative side led to my love of all things fashion, style, and design.


Currently, I work full time as a licensed architect where my creative side and my love of style translates into the world of architecture. I’m a wife and mom to the sweetest little girl so life is a busy and exciting adventure that I’m loving getting to take on! I have been so blessed to live the life I do and I love getting to share that life and all the things in it with all of you!

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