Construction dig.

Join us on our DIY home building journey.

Tektōn is the Ancient Greek word for artisan / craftsman. We feel it is the perfect name for our DIY home building journey. As a family with experience working in the construction industry, we have decided to take on the grand adventure of building our own home. Join us from demolition through construction as we share our DIY home building journey with you!

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Out With The Old…

Out with the old…We have official started demolition on our house!

Construction dig.

A Dirty Job

Over the last few weeks we completed one dirty job (finished demolition!) and moved on to another.

Building the Subfloor

We are finally done building the subfloor for the first level! After some hiccups with the steel columns that delayed us a bit, we are ready to move on to framing for the first floor walls. The columns are all bolted in above and below the steel beam, the wood I-joists are all in place with rim boards and blocking, and the floor sheathing has been glued and nailed down.

Boom Truck Bust

Our brand new (to us) boom truck was almost a bust!

Framing Our First Floor Walls

After finishing the first floor sheathing we moved on to framing our first floor walls! It’s amazing how fast the project seems to move once you start framing. There were definitely some things we learned along the way…


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